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Experienced Personal Defense Lawyers in Mishawaka, IN

Situated on the St. Joe River in northern Indiana, Mishawaka brings a new level of charm and unique experience to Hoosiers. Mishawaka is home to the distinguished Penn-Harris-Madison school district and is close to the University of Notre Dame. Its tree-lined streets feature historic homes and new construction. From Battell and Central Park to the Riverwalk and Potawatomi Conservatory, there is always something to do in the Princess City. And when residents need personal defense attorneys and legal support, they turn to the expert law staff at Wilson & Kinsman.

Personal Injury and Criminal Defense

A personal injury can derail your life, leading to time off work, missed important events and financial pressure. And a criminal charge can put a permanent mark on your record that follows you throughout your life. These cases require experienced teams that know your rights, local and state laws, and how to navigate the justice system. Wilson & Kinsman have that expertise. We’re proud to offer the following services for Mishawaka residents like you.

  • Personal injury defense for vehicle accidents.
  • Personal injury defense for premises liability.
  • Personal injury defense for wrongful death.
  • Criminal defense for domestic battery and violence charges.
  • Criminal defense for drug crimes and DUIs.
  • Criminal defense for shoplifting and theft. 

Why Wilson & Kinsman

Wilson & Kinsman has been a part of the northern Indiana community for over 50 years. With countless cases won between them, Wilson & Kinsman provide the support and expertise Mishawaka residents need to win their cases. And while covering the cost of an attorney might seem intimidating, statistics show how important a strong defense team is for your case. When you hire Wilson & Kinsman, you get comprehensive defense services, which include:

  • Evidence compilation. Our team will work tirelessly to gather all the evidence needed to defend your case. We’ll request necessary documents, recordings and reports to ensure you have the best winning strategy.
  • Compensation determination. Personal injury can lead to countless expenses, including medical bills, lost wages, permanent disability and mental despair. We will assess your case to help determine how much compensation is fair for you, then work our hardest to obtain it on your behalf.

Legal system navigation. Navigating the courts and legal system can be challenging for anyone, but with Wilson & Kinsman at your side, you’ll have a map to get you through.

Hire Wilson & Kinsman Today

Wilson & Kinsman know the community because we’re a part of it. We’ve served Elkhart and St. Joseph Counties for half a century. Call us today at 574-522-1900 to discuss your case. You can also schedule your consultation online. We look forward to defending your rights and restoring your life. 


I was charged with an OWI in Elkhart County and Eric was my first call. He was very helpful and personable throughout the entire process. I certainly appreciated his honesty and professionalism. Eric is definitely well experienced in handling these matters. Thanks to his help and guidance, we were able to have all of our necessary steps done before going to court that helped to retain driving privileges. The judge even remarked at how well the case had been managed during the hearing. With Eric's help, I was able to obtain specialized driving privileges very promptly. I am still able to tend to my life's responsibilities and my work. I would highly recommend Eric to anyone else needing help with OWI/DUI charges.


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