Defending Possession, Delivery or Manufacturing of Illegal Drugs

Defending Possession, Delivery or Manufacturing of Illegal Drugs

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Possession, Delivery and Manufacturing of Illegal Drugs are some of the most common charges in our legal system. As the law currently stands in Indiana, drug charges can be broken into two categories, Marijuana and Controlled substances.

Marijuana Charges

Depending upon the amount involved and a person's record, if any, Possession of Marijuana can be charged as either a felony or a misdemeanor. Delivery or Manufacturing of Marijuana is a Felony in Indiana, however, it can sometimes be reduced to a misdemeanor at sentencing. In either situation, a conviction for Possession of Marijuana can result in a driver's license suspension. Many people believe that such a license suspension is ALWAYS required. That is not true. Contact Wilson Law Office to find out if you can avoid a license suspension all together.

In some cases, it is possible to AVOID a conviction for Possession of Marijuana entirely. In Elkhart County, the State of Indiana ALWAYS objects to this happening. At Wilson Law Office, we can help you keep your record clean. Call today for an Initial Consultation to find out how.

Controlled Substances

Controlled Substances can include crack cocaine, methamphetamine, heroine, or even prescription drugs. A small quantity, as little as 3 GRAMS of controlled substances can cause an enhancement of the charges. Many times, when the substance is initially weighed, the baggie or other container holding the alleged drug is weighed with the substance. Call to find out what can be done if that happens in your situation.

Dealing and manufacturing of controlled substances are very serious crimes. Often, they carry as much as FIFTY YEARS in jail. You need an experienced attorney to protect you in these cases. Call today to learn your rights before you talk to the police!

In the news lately, there has been a lot of discussion about "Meth Labs." The phrase "Meth Lab" bring to mind sophisticated operations. In truth, these are often no more than a couple of two liter bottles and some common every day items like batteries and match books. Yet even these simple elements can lead to very serious criminal charges with decades of possible jail time. You need an experienced lawyer on your side when facing these charges. Call today for a FREE INITIAL CONSULTATION!